Congratulations Cardi!

As you know, over here on The J Spot, we are huge fans of Cardi B! Last night, she performed on Saturday Night Live and debuted her baby bump after her new album, Invasion of Privacy, went certified G O L D! The 13 track LP wasn't even available for a full 24 hours! 


Cardi, you deserve! In celebration of her success, I want to feature Pin and Proper, an Enamel Pin/Greeting Card online store. In the new year, I entered a giveaway to receive their new pillow and coaster set with none other: Cardi B and won! Go check out their current assortment on Etsy!


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If you are not aware, I am a HUGE music junkie. I'm talking about carrying my Sony cassette player in my backpack, with extra double A batteries type junkie. I'm talking about carrying my Memorex CD player EVERYWHERE I went in middle school WITH a ziplock bag full of CDs type junkie. I'm talking about downloading songs off LIMEWIRE and burning my own mixtapes/playlists on CDs type junkie. I mean, I can go on and on! 

A while ago, I made a post on Instagram talking about when I fell in love with Hip Hop. *Starts playing Brown Sugar in the background* Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing) released in 1998 and like I mentioned in that post, that was the beginning for me. I heard it everyday on multiple radio stations, on the way to school, and throughout summer camp. Yes, I was only six years old, but the song was number one for a reason. It resonated with my soul. It might sound dramatic but even with Lauryn being problematic at times, her music speaks for itself. Of course, Ms. Hill wasn't the only artist to open my eyes to the depths and variations of Hip-Hop. But she definitely made me aware that there is a space for women in the Hip Hop genre.

Today marks history! Cardi B is the first female since Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop to have a hit single (Bodak Yellow) reach No. 1 today on the Billboard Charts. In honor of this great Cinderella Story, I wanted to highlight women in the music industry. Specifically, Female DJs and Producers! I don't think they get enough credit to be honest. Let's be real, to be in a male dominated world is work in itself. But to be in a male dominated, dogmatic, problematic, mysogynistic, AND  patriarchal industry (mouthful, I know) can have its own challenges along with highlights.

These women that I list below (in no particular order) will be people you may or may not have heard of. They own their talent and their ability to make a name for themselves. These DJs move a crowd in a way that no other musician can do. If you don't know what I'm talking about, have you seen "The Get Down" on Netflix? Essentially, they are the heartbeat of any event! Whether it is a launch party for Puma or Adidas, having a residency at a night club, DJ'ing for day parties all the way to New York Fashion Week after parties! You can't tell me that's not dope. Take a look for yourself at the women, who I believe, are giving the men a run for their money in the music industry.

Leave a comment if I should look up a female DJ in your area!

Angel and Dren

IG: @angelanddren


Quiana Parks

IG: @quianaparks


Vashtie Kola

IG: @vashtie


Gab Soul

IG: @gabsoul_


DJ Miss Milan

IG: @missmilan


Brittany Sky

IG: @brittanysky


Kitty Cash

IG: @kittycash


DJ Kool Flash

IG: @djkoolflash


DJ Saige

IG: @ djsaige

Podcast: @DJnChill


DJ Kiss

IG: @kissthedeejay


Tiff McFierce

IG: @tiffmcfierce



IG: @xoxodjkdot


DJ Fannie Mae

IG: @djfanniemae


DJ C. DeVone

IG: @djcdevone