Social Media: Confessions of Networking like a Groupie

As millennials, social media is our go to! This is not new. I follow Instagram/Twitter accounts and like posts every day! Why not milk it for all it's worth?! You can connect with people you've known from high school and even big name brands! It's actually quite amazing. 2017 is lit. There is really no limit when it comes to communication. 

Have you ever followed an account where you think,

"Wow, their life looks so cool and exciting! I wish I knew them"?


"They go to all these cool events! I wonder how I can get invited"?


You even notice that a few of the accounts you follow are connected because they run in the same circles. 

Trust me, it's normal to want to befriend a lot of these poppin' ass accounts, especially if they seem like socialites. Because I mean, let's face it, the dream life is to work while mingling and partying with the best of the best! It might sound weird, but reach out to the people you follow! You might feel like a stalker if this is unfamiliar territory, but follow my five steps and you'll be hanging with some of the coolest people you know! 




This post is not only about Instagram. This applies to Twitter and Snapchat, too! When you see an account you like, like their posts! That's the point. I used to be so afraid to double-tap or hit the heart button on a post because that meant someone knew I was looking on their page. Again, that's the point! Hell, it doesn't matter if it's two or twenty posts in a row, tap away. Don't be afraid to look thirsty, that just means you are interested in their account. Don't you like when you get a lot of love on your posts?...Exactly. 


Please see above. Now, you may be thinking: ok, Jessica. Liking posts is one thing, but you want me to actually comment?! Um, yes and don't debate me. The entire point of interacting on social media is to become FAMILIAR with people. Commenting isn't a crime and it doesn't have to be creepy. Comment/Reply to their tweet, their Snapchat story, or Insta story (if you're into that). Or just keep it simple and leave a simple emoji under a photo. It might even benefit your own account! When you comment or reply to an Instagram post or a tweet, people usually want to see your profile and what you're about. They could even be curious based on your profile picture (so get a good angle).


When you're interested in an account, it's not unusual to follow the person on different social media platforms! There's level to this! I'm not sure about everyone else's view, but Instagram is the base level. People only get to see a still shot of what's going on in your life. This can be perfectly curated, with the perfect angle, blasé, blah. Snapchat, this is when it gets personal. You can have rants, daily commutes, and your entire Friday/Saturday night on your story and let's just say, you might be happy that it'll be a distant memory in 24 hours. Twitter can go two ways. You can really get to know someone personally through their memes, start conversations with threads/DMs, or it can go left when it gets political. All in all, you have multiple opportunities to interact! Use this to your advantage. 


I highly suggest this if you're trying to be noticed but reputable brands and even socialites. If you're looking to be a stylist, blogger, or anything that involves brands, tag their accounts. Do this whether you're posting a picture on your feed or Insta story. Hell, go all out and send your posts to them via direct message. You just might get a reply or a feature on their page! Does that count as being "published"...probably not, but it's a start! 

5. BE YOU!

Lastly, just be yourself. You don't have to try so hard. In reality, the tips I just gave you are things you already do! Remember, these "accounts" are people just like you. If you think about a brand or account, mention them on your story, tweet how you can't wait for their next album release, or comment on their newest collection. Don't shy away from conversation. If they reply, think of ways to naturally carry a conversation. If not, a simple thank you will suffice. 

With these five tips, I made friends in different cities and built relationships based on similarities and frequent interaction. There are also people I know who have gotten job opportunities. 

Have you gained any friendships or opportunities through social media? 

Leave a comment below!