Think I Got it Covered for the Weekend

*Sings Weekend By Sza*

Preface: This post will be all over the place because that's how my weekend was!

This weekend I went from absolutely no plans to booked AND busy! It seems like adulting after graduation is just as busy when I was in school. I initially didn't have solidified plans other than washing my hair and doing laundry but that quickly changed. I wanted to throw a birthday party for my two friends, I went out both Friday and Saturday night, went to Trap Yoga & ate goooood. I had an eventful weekend to say the least. 

I started my weekend on Thursday and met up with an old co-worker from my retail days at Banana Republic! I can tell you now that I am very annoying when it comes to choosing where to eat *insert typical meme about indecisive women.* She suggested Crafted, The Art of the Taco! I heard a lot of great things about the restaurant and was excited to try their Baja Chicken Tacos! I highly recommend it. Their guacamole is on point and authentic (v. important)! Hopefully, I can taste one of their mojitos during happy hour in the near future. For this day, I stuck with my water and admired her drink since I had to go back to the office.


Of course I'm extra. Not only do I refer to my friends and inner circle as "My Tribe" because it takes a village haha but I volunteered to host a birthday gathering. Even though the birthday shindig, wasn't technically a party, I wanted to make my friends feel special! The result, a few bottles of spirits, decorations, burning some sage and these flyers! I think they're pretty dope if I do say so myself. I try to be as Pinterest-inspired as possible which ultimately landed me in target to decorate. I love a good photographic background so I made my 2nd installation (still a work in progress) featuring one of the Virgo babies. 


Spontaneously, Saturday morning I decided to attend Trap Yoga in Charlotte and whatever you're thinking, multiply by 5! It was the perfect balance between ratchet and zen. Leave a comment if you want me to talk more about Trap Yoga Bae and the safe space she created for women of color to practice yoga!


Since I was in Charlotte, I took a self-care moment and spent the day with myself! I was so relaxed after yoga but I needed to eat. I finally tried Chopt Creative Salad Company, a restaurant I bookmarked on Instagram. I never thought I would cherish a salad so much and for $14, I better!...Damn, guacamole. At least I had a snack later so technically it was 1 1/2 meals. Justification, is key people. Aside from the high price tag, I would go back! 


I definitely had an eventful weekend, to say the least! Let's see if that's the case next weekend. Where did you do? Tell me below this post or let me know on social media!