Let's Gooo

Welcome to the launch of The J Spot!

I wanted to make a web page for quite some time but didn't have the guts to do it. But, today at 5:47 a.m., I finally bossed up. 

This will be a space of documentation for myself and resonance for all things current, fun, and experiential. I'm on the go all the time and seem to have selective memory unless I have something to jog my memory. Because, let's face it, if you didn't take a picture, did it really happen? 


So click through the site to see where I go next, what my current favorite things are, and the occasional outfit of the day! Make sure to comment and follow me on all social platforms to see what happens in real-time.

IG: Atribecalledjess

Twitter: Atribecalledjes

Pinterest: Jessica Roner